Care Sheet


_ Enclosure – 20 g long is the minimum size requirement for a baby/juvie dragon (30” x 13” x 13”).  Sub-adults and adults require a 40g breeder (3’x18”x 18”) or larger.


   SubstrateKeep it simple.  Reptile carpet, paper towels, or newspaper for now.   Once your baby is older if you wish to use sand, do so at your own risk.   Resifted children’s play sand is best.  Sift daily and do a full sand change at least twice a month.


   Tile or Rock for BaskingNO HEAT ROCKS!!!!    Tile or grapevine are both excellent choices!



                         – MVB (Murcury Vapor Bulb).  An “all in one bulb” that provides both UV and Heat.


                         – Reptisun 10.0, tube or compact, with a separate bulb to provide heat.  (NO coils!)  

                       For heat we recommend ZooMed Repti Basking Spot Lamps.   Please ask for assistance for proper wattage selection.

We prefer a basking spot of 100-105.   Lights are to be placed on the far side of the enclosure.   Placement of heat to one side of the enclosure allows your dragon to thermoregulate.    No night heat unless your home drops below 70 degrees!  No red, blue, or black bulbs.  No under tank heating pads.  IF night heat is required a low wattage CHI (ceramic heat emitter) is the best choice.  


__Light Fixture/s - For the MVB the Deep Domes work best!!!      ZooMed offers a Combo Deep Dome that works well with a compact and basking spot lamp.


__Misting Bottle    A water bowl is not required and can be detrimental in some cases.  Misting greens daily prior to serving, as well as providing your dragon with a bath every few days is preferred.   Please feel free to ask for more detailed info.


__Calcium w/Vit D  and  Multivitamin -  Follow dosing guidelines provided by selected manufacturer.     Please note….Crickets are to be lightly dusted not heavily coated!   


__Feeders.  WARNING…. As a new owner safety guideline... No feeder larger than the distance between your dragon’s eyes!!!!!    Failure to follow this guideline could result in death of your dragon.   FairyTail Dragons' are fed crickets and phoenix worms, as babies, twice a day along with a daily fresh salad.    Feeders should only be offered a few at a time until full.   Failure to do so could result in unnecessary added stress for your newly aquired dragon.  Dragons are full grown at 18 months.  That’s a tremendous amount of growth in a short period of time.  Protein is required for proper growth.  As your dragon ages less protein will be required.  Please feel free to ask for further feeding guidelines.     Do not leave ANY crickets in your dragon’s enclosure at night.  The crickets will feed on your dragon causing injury and/or death.   What goes into your feeders goes into your dragons so please provide them with proper nutrition.   Greens and veggies are excellent food choices for your feeders.   Remember to remove any old uneaten veggies daily and replace with fresh!!!


__Salad/Veggies.  Download and print Nutritional Chart from   Variety is key!!!


Please contact us with any questions.